Our Quality Policy

Is based on the principle of continuously improving our services, in accordance with international standards, and with a view towards both maintaining our position in the market and expanding our customer portfolio by creating new demand.

With awareness that adhering to this principle can be achieved only through customer satisfaction, the policy embraces maintaining efficient and well-trained human resources, as well as technological investments that are always kept current, as cornerstones of continuous improvement.

Our Environmental Policy

At Çelebi Ground Handling, we believe that taking the measures required to minimize the environmental impactsof our operations is an integral part of our job.
In this context, we have implemented an "Environmental Management System" andreview our system regularly with reference to changing circumstances, and to enhance our environmental performance at all times.
For this purpose:

  • We take measures to reduce the consumption of all natural resources (water, electricity, air, oil etc.), and achieve sustainable development by setting annual environmental targets.
  • We cooperate with our stakeholders and customers, in the civil aviation industry and elsewhere, to improve environmental standards and comply with all environmental laws, regulations and standards.
  • We use technology to enable the achievement of environment-related objectives and targets.
  • We take measures to reduce water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution and amount of waste we created, and ensure environmentally-safe disposal of any waste that may be an unavoidable result of our operations. We strive to implement re-use andrecovery procedures.
  • We strive to raise the awareness of all our employees with regard to our environmental impacts and policy.
  • We continuously monitor our Environmental Management System through performance reviews.
  • We consider environmental impacts in business planning, decision-making and supplier selection processes.
  • ÇGH, as “an environmentally-conscious firm in the civil aviation industry", adopted an approach to maintain and enhance quality of life for its employees and customers through its environmental policy.

    Our Safety Policy

    Çelebi Ground Handling considers loss prevention of all types to be a priority business objective. As such, it establishes a safe work environment, armed with a strong awareness of the importance of safety in all its operations. For this purpose, it continuously develops, implements and improvesits processes, with a view towards achieving the highest level of safety performance, as well as to meeting – and, where possible, going beyond – national and international standards.

    All levels of management, from the SMS Responsible Director on, are responsible for achieving the highest level of safety performance. All managers procure suitable human, equipment and financial resources and support safety practices. They also encourage effective safety reporting and communications, and support safety management by monitoring results with the same vigilance applied to financial management, in order to actively manage safety within the framework of a just culture.

    The safety obligations and responsibilities of all employees are defined clearly; hazards are identified at the source on the basis of employees’ voluntary participation, with an objective towards reaching the target of zero occupational or operational accidents and occupational ,illnesses. Work in violation of safety procedures is not acceptable in our operations.

    Systems to minimize losses in the case of emergencies that may arise during our operations are introduced and regularly checked to ensure their operational effectiveness. Cooperation with the supervising authority is established for the development of systems.
    All Occupational and Operational Safety risks that may arise as a result of our operations are assessed regularly and handled through risk-mitigation procedures.

    To ensure that sufficient resources, skills and training are available to implement safety strategies and processes, all employees are provided with information on potential exposure hazards, and oursafety policy. As well, time is allotted to provide employees with sufficient and relevant civil aviation safety training and knowledge.

    Çelebi Ground Handling encourages its employees to provide incident and accident, especially, near-miss reports. It rewards employees who provide near-miss reports and who prevent potential accidents. Reporting of unintentional mistakes/ errors does not lead to disciplinary action for the employee who reports the incident, or any other employee involved with or related to the incident.

    All employees of ÇGH, as well as all our suppliers, take the necessary measures to work in cooperation for continuous improvement of the system, towards the objectives stipulated in the policy.

    SMS Responsible Director
    (Chief Executive Officer)

    Our Security Policy

    Security is always accorded utmost priority in all operations of Çelebi Ground Handling. To maximize its security performance in all its operations, ÇGH implements improvement strategies and management systems processes in line with national and international standards.

    • For this purpose, our mission is:
    • To ensure that all employees are aware of security procedures and necessary actions in the case of criminal activities, and are prepared and vigilant at all times.
    • To increase security awareness and to build the security culture within ÇGH.
    • To immediately identify any threats to ÇGH's employees, operations, and property.
    • To ensure that ÇGH employees do not engage or physically intervene in the case of any illegal acts, and to ensure the safety of passengers, employees and others. Taking suitable action in such cases is the responsibility of the local security authority. In the case of a threat, illegal act or suspicion thereof, local security authorities have exclusive jurisdiction.
    • To ensure compliance with all security related rules and regulations.
    • To review the Security Policy continuously, and to achieve compatibility with other management systems within ÇGH.
    • To establish security objectives and performance standards within ÇGH.
    • To take preventative measures prior to any incident.
    • To conduct security risk/threat assessments.
    • To find timely solutions to any security incidents.
    • To establish the highest level of security standards.
    • To develop a security documents management system.
    • To ensure a non-punitive security culture that promotes reporting of all security-related threats, risks, incidents, proposals and non-compliances.
    • To continuously improve the Security Management System.
    • All employees of ÇGH take the necessary measures to work in cooperation for continuous improvement of the system, towards the achievement of the objectives stipulated in the policy