Social Activities


Çelebi personnel are given support to develop themselves socially outside the workplace as well. Efforts are made to create social settings that all our employees may take advantage of.

One of the best examples of this is the theatrical performances for the employees and their children.

Another is the bowling tournaments that take place among teams representing all the members of the Çelebi Group. Prizes are awarded to the teams placing in the top three positions.

End-of-season dinners held at all stations bring all the members of the Çelebi family from blue-collar workers to company president a chance to get together and enjoy themselves after the conclusion of another busy season. A traditional feature of these dinners is a performance by the Çelebi Chorus, which consists entirely of Çelebi personnel.

Sports tournaments, excursions, picnics, and similar local activities are organized by headquarters units and stations.

A Social Committee has been set up at Çelebi Ground Handling to diversify social activities and increase participation in them.

Made up of a large number of employees from Çelebi Holding and its associates, Çelebi Film Team took part for the second time in the fourth edition of the Corporate Film Fest (CFF), organized by Patika Productions. The competition was held in three categories. Çelebi Film Team competed in the categories of Short Film-Communications and Advertising.

The Team was awarded with the “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” awards in Short Film-Communications category and “Best Film”, “Best Director” and “Best Actor” awards in Advertising category.

The volunteer film-makers of Çelebi were returned from CFF 2008 where they were participated for the first time, with the “Best Film” and “Best Actor” awards in the fiction film category.