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Çelebi Holding and Celebi Tanacsado Kft, Çelebi Ground Handling's joint venture in Hungary, have together purchased a 100% stake in Budapest Airport Handling Kft (BA Handling), the company providing ground handling services at Budapest Ferihegy International Airport.

The Budapest Ferihegy International Airport is one of the fastest-growing airports in the European Union today. Because Budapest is an important tourism destination, it is expected that the increase in passenger and flight numbers will be sustained strongly in the years ahead. In addition, the city is a prime candidate to become an air cargo hub for the region as well.

After the acquisition, the company's name was changed to Çelebi Ground Handling Hungary (Çelebi GH Hungary).

At the time of its acquisition, the company was employing a total of 608 people. It plans to increase that number to the 700 level within the framework of its growth strategy over the next two years.

Renamed Çelebi GH Hungary after being purchased by the Çelebi Group, the company will continue to build on its successful past performance as Budapest Airport Handling Kft (BA Handling) and take it even further. Thanks to the Çelebi Group's strong customer relations, Çelebi GH Hungary is now poised to add other international airlines not currently being served by it to its own customer portfolio. A first step was taken in this direction with the addition of Lufthansa Airlines (LH), which is second only to Malev, Hungary's own national airline, in terms of flight numbers and passenger traffic at Budapest Ferihegy International Airport. Çelebi GH Hungary began serving LH at Budapest Ferihegy International Airport as of 1 January 2007. With this development, Çelebi GH Hungary's market share at the airport reached 65% of the 53% of the market not controlled by Malev.

In addition to such customer synergies, Çelebi GH Hungary will also have the important benefit of the Çelebi Group's IT and operational know-how support and pooled procurements synergies that will enable it to build on its past successful performance and make it even greater.

In its medium-term growth strategy, Çelebi GH Hungary intends to expand into other areas outside ground handling services such as cargo and warehouse operations.

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Address: Ferihegy International Airport, 1185 Budapest, Hungary

Phone: +36 70 296 0000

Fax: +36 1 296 8015

E-mail: balint.kenderes@celebi.hu